Charlie M. Carter, Jr.

"Relationship dynamics, whether within the family, church, community, or workplace are the same, and understanding those dynamics is key to relationship success or failure."

June 2008
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"The Promises Precious"

The ROGT Company Overview

What is ROGT?

ROGT (Reaching Our Goals Together) is a Michigan-based company founded in 1990 by (then) Deacon Charlie M. Carter, Jr. 

Charlie M. Carter, Jr., is a licensed minister with a Master of Social Work degree, but does not practice as a licensed social worker.  No answers to questions are intended to be construed as therapy or counseling for psychotherapy.  Furthermore, you are strongly encouraged to seek medical, legal, financial, or psychological services if you are in need of such counseling.  If you are distressed or need professional assistance contact a therapist in your area.


ROGT is the physical manifestation of God’s desire for (now) Minister Charlie M. Carter, Jr. to address the state of family relationships in our communities. ROGT will inspire and motivate individuals with biblical knowledge of precepts and examples needed to: 1) Build healthy premarital relationships for marriage, and 2) Restore, heal, and uphold troubled marital relationships.  Learn more about The ROGT Approach to Relationships.

Who are ROGT Participants?

ROGT workshops have graced the presence of young adults, teens, social initiatives, companies, church groups, college groups, university conferences, and will expand to specific groups such as grandparents and senior citizens. Our goals are to inspire and motivate those with a desire to build a stronger and healthier relationship.  See what our clients think!

ROGT Workshop Series

ROGT offers a series of four workshops that inspire and motivate you to adopt a new attitude of mind. Each workshop is designed to provide participants with a highly interactive and reflective experience that will greatly improve your relationships.  Each participant will receive a set of comprehensive materials that are key concepts and principles for reaching goals in relationships… together.

ROGT Workshop Partnering Process

ROGT welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization.   To get started, ROGT uses a simple 5–step process to clearly define your needs and expectations.